Value Pricing

Value Pricing

Structuring Optimal Fees

Clients you built the firm on may no longer be optimal going forward. Growth may require modifying leadership selling skills. Our experts will teach your firm how to price engagements, sell value, set and manage expectations, and how to demonstrate significant value.

It is easier to sell smaller prospects and set lower fees. We look at your firm with objective eyes, assess gaps, then construct processes to implement change to move clients into the upper, right side of the scatter graph which consists of high profit, high revenue clients.

Handling Fee Objections

Confrontation is a major fear for most professionals. Increasing fees can create an uncomfortable conversation that a professional may not be capable of handling.

That missing skillset can lead to lower fees impacting profitability and ineffectively using limited resources.

Examples of Value Pricing Activities Include:

  • Pricing Analysis
  • Realization Deep Dives
  • Fee Restructuring
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Partner Fee Gap Assessments
  • Value Pricing Workshops

Rethinking Clients

With the CPA talent resource pool limited and no apparent improvement going forward who do you want as a client? The answer is to create a system that attracts clients who value what you do and are willing to pay a premium.

Compliance only clients can be fee sensitive. We look at your firm’s entire pricing, prospect development, and existing client opportunities.

Find the Pricing Ceiling

Sell to Pain

Compliance has value, but it does not solve the deep pain. Solutions to pain have the highest value.


You set the fees and if they are too high then you are not selling to the right client or selling properly.

Create Value

It starts by understanding clients’ goals and working proactively to meet or exceed them.