Partner Consulting


A Client-Centric Mindset

Design a process to deliver clients world-class insight. We will train your team how to use a consultative approach that involves asking the right questions to gain a deeper insight into an organization’s obstacles and opportunities.

Our process includes training on value-pricing, overcoming objections, and positioning the value you are adding. We integrate the firm’s vision and the tactical elements needed to reach those goals.

Developing a Sustainable
Succession Team

Retaining a firm’s legacy requires support for incoming and exiting partner levels. We help incoming partners have the right mindset to know how to sell and which type of clients to pursue. This includes how to approach and respond to difficult conversations such as higher fees. We provide transition plans for exiting partners, which should start several years before they exit.

Partner & Firm Support

  • Value Pricing Workshops
  • Revenue Diversity Through Advisory Development
  • Incoming & Exiting Partner Guidance
  • Operating Agreement Assessments
  • Succession Plan Assessments
  • Succession Team Consulting
  • Partner Training on Growth Through M&A
  • Partner Buy-in & Buy-out Agreements

Culture & Operating Agreements

The current operating agreement and culture can be barriers to transition. Outdated or unclear partnership agreements, or cultures not in alignment with the needs of today’s professionals, can be massive hurdles to overcome. Examples can be an unclear buy-in process or the disputed value of the firm.

Strengthen Partner Abilities


Constructively re-enforce with every partner to bill aggressively and talk to clients about other needs.


Evaluate each partner’s
capabilities and mindset. Then customize solutions to make
them stronger.


Teach partners to explain results and personalize client communications or they become commodities.