Market Value Accelerator


Firm Worth

Are you building Enterprise Value? Our Market Value Accelerator (MVA) views a firm as if we were going to acquire or merge them upward. It helps you understand the drivers that add to and detract from firm value.

The MVA provides leadership with insight on how to optimize profits, build Enterprise Value, and improve their succession or exit positions.

Critical Metrics

We drill deeply into realization and utilization, look beyond percentages, and go into different calculations of realized dollars. Our advanced MVA can drill even deeper by looking at the performance of each department or partner.

Examples of MVA Insight

  • Measure the Firm’s Current Market Value
  • Identify Pricing Gaps
  • Examine Training Needs
  • Discover the Drivers Impacting Value
  • Create a Platform to Discuss Future Growth

Hidden Opportunities

The MVA allows you to look at simple changes as well as long-term, more complex firm directional needs.

Examples include succession, partner transition, acquisition or merger of other CPA firms or consulting businesses, adding service lines, compensation programs, and refining the client experience.

Hidden opportunities can come from small pricing or process changes and increased awareness of habits, drivers, or situations that are impacting not just firm profitability but also firm culture.

Build Enterprise Value

Use Data

Shift clients from the lower left to the upper right quadrant: higher profits & revenue.

Challenge norms

Dig deeper into the processes and clients that make some partners more successful than others.

Reset Tone

Do not be complacent meeting industry benchmarks. Set stretch goals that are difficult to achieve.