Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The Great CPA Liberation

The shortage of CPAs will continue to grow. While compliance revenue will never go away it is time to liberate your growth from being dependent on CPAs. Expand your potential by adding non-accounting, advisory services. This adds client value, builds the Enterprise Value of your firm, and enables you to distance yourself from the impact of the Great Resignation.

Run a Scatter Graph Analysis

Automate the data analysis for your firm. The graph shows a typical firm’s clients. The lower left quadrant reflects smaller, less profitable engagements.

The goal is to increase the number of upper right quadrant dots and move lower left quadrant dots into the upper left. How would your firm look?

Ask Two Critical Questions

These are basic items, but if you cannot run a report to answer these two questions you should step back and look at your onboarding process to refine how you capture data.

  1. How many clients do you have using ABC bank?
  2. What are the ages of the owners of your clients?

Not all partners and senior professionals are skilled at addressing fee increases, dealing with confrontation, or understanding how to ask questions to get a client or prospect to discuss other pain points. The result is they avoid making change and profits are left on the table. The opportunity for a high-value-add client deliverable will be limited.

Refining Firm Growth &
Building Enterprise Value

  • Data Analytics of Your Client Base
  • Systematic Client Culling
  • Other Client Needs Identification
  • Redefined New Prospect Targeting
  • Restructuring How Client Data is Captured

Three Likely Outcomes


You need complete data to extract useful information, be prepared to update your onboarding process. 


You may have to reexamine outreach and messaging to focus on clients that add higher value.


Training will be needed on selling compliance, advisory solutions, pricing, and handling objections.