What are the Bootcamps?

They are a process to increase a firm’s awareness in the market with referral partners, prospects, and clients. All CPA firms can deliver so much more than compliance.

The Bootcamp provides the ability to change the stereotype that you might be labeled as an auditor or tax person.

The bootcamps are a chance to display and sharpen your firm’s advisory capabilities. They differentiate the firm, educate staff, and make a firm more attractive to recruits.

Advisory Bootcamps

These recurring webinars are designed for your firm to showcase your progressive mindset. We invite bankers, lawyers, clients, and prospects and conduct panel-driven sessions on topics to help build the value of a business. The goal is not to be viewed as the auditor or accountant but as invaluable advisors.

Perception & Awareness

The Bootcamp webinars focus on building the value of a business. The topics can be unique to your firm, but they could include exit planning, cash management, fraud, and comparable items that impact owners.


60 minutes every other month. Marketed to bankers, lawyers, associations, prospects, and clients. Email, LinkedIn, and website banners will be utilized to advertise the session. Staff should be sending personal invites as well.

An Advisory Mistake

Why make it difficult to find CPAs and use them as advisors? Teach them how to identify opportunities, begin conversations with clients, and then introduce external advisors or acquired or merged-in specialty organizations.

Create Market Awareness


Do your clients understand everything your firm can provide? Do they even know what else they need?


They can get financial reports, taxes, and accounting from so many firms, but is that what they value?


They stereotyped you as an accountant and our job is to change their perception of what you can do.