Advisory Officer

Advisory Officer

The Advisory Officer Role

We become a CPA firm’s Advisory Officer focused on two critical functions.

First, to expand your advisory services practice. We manage this because time and consulting experience can be limiting factors when growing an advisory practice.

Second, to provide deep partner support. Examples include problem resolution, compensation, rewriting partnership agreements, admitting partners, pricing and value billing training, measuring firm value, and implementing an ongoing client mining and analytics effort.

The Details

This role provides a turnkey process to create or expand a firm’s advisory arm. We will help form a foundation to increase client value, become less dependent on CPAs for growth, realign new prospect targeting, and train your CPAs and Partners to approach each client with a consultative vision. 

Our team will create an Advisory Roadmap then execute it. 

The Scope of The Advisory Officer Includes:

  • Partnering with outside consulting & technology groups
  • Identifying CPA and non-accounting M&A opportunities
  • Using data analytics for client mining & culling
  • Determining who to target as prospects
  • Instilling a value pricing mindset with firm professionals
  • Enhance the client experience with advisory ideas
  • We can customize solutions for unique needs

Firm Guidance &
Tactical Implementation

  • Pricing analysis & alternative pricing strategies
  • Deep-dive assessment into realized dollars by department
  • Departmental goal setting & profit expansion analysis
  • Partner profit enhancement training
  • Assessment of your succession position
  • Succession team training
  • Partnership agreement restructuring
  • Setting compensation programs
  • Deal consulting

Internal Collaboration

Our team works with in-house marketing and business development. A focus of the Advisory Officer is to help them implement changes to accelerate client value and firm profitability. If you do not have in-house marketing and/or business development leadership Visionary can serve as the firm’s Chief Growth Officer and cover the marketing and/or business development functions.

Next Steps

Give us 15 minutes to show you we have the expertise to advance your practice. Visionary is uniquely qualified to enhance your firm no matter what problem or opportunity you are facing. We have extremely specific CPA profession experience.

Realign Firm Vision


Minimize your dependence on CPAs to grow by adding advisory services to enhance client value.


Question pricing and view clients as a value billing opportunity and not a commodity service.


The clients you built the firm on may not fit currently. Difficult decisions may need to be made.